Monday, April 30, 2018

Burlington, Weekly Jam - MONDAYs



Monday, September 24th 2018
Come join us Monday  Evenings from
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm 
Contact Improvisational  

at:  Aikido of Champlain Valley
 257 Pine Street
Burlington VT  05401

1)  Beginner Contact Series with Amanda begins Oct 11th,  Thursdays in Montpelier.  (Scroll past the pictures for details)

2) The Boston FALL JAM... with Patrick Crowley - October 12th-14th   Boston Fall Jam Info and Registration

3) Special Performance by Autumn Turley and Danny Joseph
(The Calling Bell)
The Calling Bell is an interactive performance piece created by Autumn Turley and Danny Joseph, deeply influenced by their residential training at the Monastic Academy in Lowell, VT.  It draws upon the work of their teachers Soryu Forall and Shinzen Young. Mindfulness practice, movement, and music will be our mediums of exploration. Guided meditation will invite you to explore hearing and feeling as a spiritual practice.  The music is designed to take you down a path of ambiance, rhythm, and melody. We will interact with the music from our bodies, whether in movement or in stillness.

“Autumn is a born teacher of dance/movement.  She is attuned to the group, clear in her directions, creative and insightful in her choices.  I felt relaxed, engaged and trusting of her leadership.” ~Julie Oak, RealPlay Facilitator

9/30, 12:30 - 2:30pm @ Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA
10/2, 7-9pm @ The Chanda Lair, 16 Arion PL, Brooklyn, NY - RSVP HERE
10/3: 7-8pm @ Unity on Cape Cod, 147 Walton Ave, Hyannis, MA - RSVP HERE
10/4: 5:30 - 7:30pm @ 105 Chestnut Hill, Brattleboro, VT - RSVP HERE
10/5: 7-9pm @ The Everything Space, 64 Main St, Montpelier, VT - RSVP HERE
10/6: 3-5pm @ Burlington Hot Yoga, 294 N Winooski Ave Suite 212 A, Burlington, VT - RSVP HERE
10/7: 2:00 - 3:30pm @ Morning Sun, 655 Gilsum Mine Rd, Alstead, NH 03602 - RSVP HERE
10/8: 3-5pm @ MAPLE, 751 Page Rd, Lowell, VT - RSVP HERE

Oct 11-Dec 6, 2018 (in MONTPELIER)
Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm (no class Nov 22)

Learn skills to share the dance and open movement possibilities.
Explore the foundations of Contact Improvisation.

Contact Improvisation is a dance/art/movement form likened to a moving meditation which hones inner and physical resilience. Like other contemplative movement forms, deep inner listening, building foundations for support and ease, finding play within, and following your truth are fundamental components. Yet unlike many others, this form brings in the relational components of listening to another and building a deep capacity to communicate and respond.

Particularly within our current political/social context, the skills of listening to self and another are of utmost importance.

Not only does Contact Improvisation provide a physical format to practice new skills of communication, it provides a safe and consensual way to invite new patterns, release tension, and find your playful wild self.

In this workshop we will:
Learn skills of Body Listening and Communication
Investigate Consensual Touch and Personal Boundaries of Safety
Explore Sharing Weight and Relating to Gravity
Use Somatic Tools to Ground and Center
Connect with Anatomy to Inhabit our Three-Dimensionality

Click here to learn more about contact improv.

Nancy Stark Smith

a 3-week training with
plus Mike Vargas and other guests

January 6 (arrive afternoon) - January 25, 2019
Earthdance (and environs), western Massachusetts, USA

Contact Improvisation
Solo Training · Changing States
Improvisation Scores · The Underscore 
Composition · Performance 

A 3-week residential workshop focused on contact improvisation and other related work: physical training, solo and group improvisation, composition, contemplative practice, observing/listening, jamming, discussion, feedback, labs, and performance studies.  In solo, duet, trio, and group work; in and out of contact; in silence and with live music; we'll move toward greater clarity and depth in our dancing and watching. Please come prepared for intensive practice (and a bit of fun!).

Intermediate level in CI required. Fill out online application form outlining your background and skill level in contact improvisation, dance, and improvisation, and your reasons for wanting to attend. All registrations must be approved by Nancy.

The workshop will meet Monday–Friday, 10 am to 5:30/6 pm in studios at Earthdance, in Plainfield, MA, (a beautiful dance retreat center located 35 minutes west of Northampton, MA, in the Berkshire Mountains), and in town at an Aikido dojo. There will be some evening and weekend activities.

For details & application form:
Early Registration & Discount Deadline: September 15, 2018
Limited Space. Apply as early as possible for most favorable consideration.

Contact: Patrick Crowley, workshop coordinator,, (617) 320-9792 or Nancy,, (413) 586-8243


Abbi Jaffe - The inspiration for the Walk
Burlington International Contact Jam 2017

momentum-based partnering ... rolling point of contact, balancing over center of gravity, sliding, 
following momentum, lifting using momentum rather than muscle power, “listening” with one’s skin surface.

 Contact Improv
 Film Festival Link

The Urban Dance - from the Burlington International Contact Jam - October 1, 2016 - Church Street, Burlington VT

Scroll down for links to other dance opportunities.
Including Montpelier!

All Levels Welcome......  Mini Classes for Beginners

Suggested Donation: $4 to Aikido of Champlain Valley (a 503c non-profit organization dedicated to teaching non-violence through embodied practice. Scholarships for low income youth.)  Don't let the money keep you from dancing!

Call or email Michelle 
Michelle:  802.864-7306

Hope to see you on the Dance Floor....
Matter tells Space how to Bend, Space tells Matter how to Move

continue the evolution and exploration 
of this grounded, flying, searching, softening, finding,
loosing, holding, feeling, knowing, confusing, loving, touching, opening, centering, rolling, spiraling, deepening, surfacing, 
quieting, playful dance form known as 
Contact Improvisation

Space tells matter how to move.

Being Intimate without Being Personal

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 The Everything Space (Amanda & Abbi)

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